The Ancients

A Fantastical Adventure

“The Ancients” by Christie Hale is a fictional play about ancient spirits that have now gone extinct. But even after being vanquished, their remains still exist in this world. Their stories have been untold, but they can be transferred to human souls. The Ancients talks about a close-knit, group of friends and their struggles with not letting the darkness of the world impact who they want to become. Through her book, Christie promotes the message of self-love, understanding oneself, and having the strength within to face all obstacles while staying true to oneself.

The book’s protagonist, Kari, is a young lady who was a kind- and warm-hearted person that has dealt with many hardships, including the loss of a loving family, being shunned by others, and being made to feel like she doesn’t belong. Unwilling to give up, Kari is determined to find the cure to the problem caused by the black void berries that have destroyed and disrupted the peace of anyone that consumes them by corroding the person from the inside.

Poisoned by self-doubt, spitefulness, manipulation and sinister feelings are all they know but Kari is determined to turn things around. As she sets out on her own, Kari meets some wonderful friends who not only open her eyes but also help her to understand the power she holds within herself. “

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The Ancients


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This is Kari’s hometown village, where she and her family live happy at the start of the novel. It is a lovely town where everyone knows everyone and has rows of houses where all the families live. The town always a fresh breeze to come through due to nearby stream and forest.


This is the hometown for both Ju-long and Akaliah and is a bigger village then the one Kari grew up in. It is a charming village with rivers and greenery running through the city. The roads and pathways were made from weathered cobblestone, and the architecture had a Renaissance feel to it.


This is the realm of the nymph Lorelei. In this realm the nymphs would help the creatures of the light grow then send them to other universes in order to keep the darkness at bay. There are beautiful forest, mountains, and large rivers within this realm. It is hidden from Hadeon and is the last location that is untouched by the evil lurking outside.

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The Ancients


Christie Hale

Christie Hale Author and storyteller

A lover of fine arts, music, theatre, nature, horse riding, and more, Christie Den’e Hale is a creative yet grounded individual who knows the value of quality over quantity. She focuses on the message of self-love, courage, and bonding through her creative writing. Christie’s latest book, “The Ancients” will walk you through Kari’s journey as she finds herself questioning if should stay the same, as a kind-hearted person in a world that seeks to corrode her. The story will show you how even though the path may be lonely, understanding oneself is the key to your problems. Christie believes that once you learn to see in the dark, the darkness no longer scares you. She promotes the same values of courage, persistence, strength, and bravery through her book.

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This book is filled with the element of adventure that the main character goes through, making for a thrilling read and a treat for the reader!


Mystery is one of the main elements of the story. It keeps the readers on the edge of their seats as they flip through the pages leading them into a world of adventure.


This book takes you on a journey with major twists and turns that bring about the drama that keeps the readers enticed and dedicated to discovering what happens next.

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