About the Author

About the Author

Christie Den’e Hale is a woman who loves art, ballet, films, natural settings, horse riding, and so forth. In short, she is a lover of all things pleasing to the soul. Her book’s give away of courage and persistence reflect her pleasant personality.

Author Biography

Christie Den’e Hale holds dual citizenship with the United States of America and the United Kingdom. Christie currently resides in California and has a career in Information Technology.

Author Achievement

“The Ancients” as her first published book is indeed an achievement unlocked for Christie Hale.

Author Experience

Christie has travelled extensively due to her passion for experiencing diverse cultures and learning new things to aid in her creative endeavors. Her travels have taken her across North America, Europe, and the Middle East with future travel plans to travel around the globe. She presently has a career in IT.


Once you learn to see in the dark, then the darkness
doesn’t scare you. As people tend to be more truthful when
they think no one is able to see them; it is walking
alone that takes courage.

Writes About


This book is filled with the element of adventure that the main character goes through, making for a thrilling read and a treat for the readers!


Mystery is one of the main elements of The Ancients. It keeps the readers on the edge of their seats as they flip through the pages leading them into a world of adventure.


The Ancients takes you on a journey with major twists and turns that bring about the drama that keeps the readers enticed and dedicated to discovering what happens next.

What message does the book portray?

Christie Hale brings us The Ancients that enchants its readers and keeps them turning pages.

“The Ancients” by Christie Hale shares the message of self-love, importance of relationships, dealing with trauma and loss but growing stronger as reflected in the adventures of Kari, the main character of the book. She’s depicted as someone who loves her family with all of her heart and wants nothing but the best for everyone. However, fate had other plans for her. In her book, Christie Hale reminds us that adverse times may be around the corner, and most of the time, we are not prepared for it but bravery in such trying times helps achieve everything we have dreamed of. Along the way, it also shows just how important it is to process trauma. The wounds of the past can be really damaging to the psyche and just like black void berries, they can consume us if we don’t take the time to heal them. Just like Kari, we also can rely on friends, family, or even strangers who make our path to finding the cure, that much easier.

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