About The Book

About The Book


Kari loves her family from the bottom of her heart and is willing to go to any lengths to keep them safe. After her family consumes black void berries, she knows that something is wrong – things turn sinister as her whole village becomes infected. But, despite her predicament, with help of the ancient spirits and her friends, Kari is determined to fight the evil known as Hadeon. The Ancients is a skillfully crafted adventure that teaches readers the value of self-love, the bond of friendship, and bravery and healing from past trauma.

More About the Book

With a little bit of magic, reality, and humor Christie Hale’s, The Ancients, is a page-turner that takes readers to a land far away where magic is still rife but almost lost. Kari, a girl with a very pure heart find her world turned upside down when is gifted an ancient spirit. Not soon after that incident, her father returns from a hunting trip with black void berries. One bite and Kari’s life goes from being a bed of roses to one full of trials and tribulations. Determined to find a cure, Kari sets out to try to understand the darkness that seems to be taking over each person she comes across. Luckily, Kari doesn’t have to do this alone as she finds three people that not only help her find the answer but also to help her heal. Throughout this book, Christie Hale takes us on many twists and turns as she weaves an intricate story for readers of all ages.

The Message Of The Book

Family, it’s love, care and the abuse you can get from them are the core point of this message. It’s true that the ones who love us the most are also the one’s who’re capable of hurting us deeply. However, we need to learn to heal from the trauma and realize that as long as we know ourselves, what others say about us doesn’t matter. Christie inspires her readers to remain strong in the face of misfortune how understanding one’s self has a profound impact on a person and with the support of loved ones anyone can be like a light even in the darkest situations.

What’s great about it?

The Ancients will take you on a magical journey where you understand the importance of love and bravery. It will also enlighten you to how, untreated trauma, much like the dark void berries can warp your sensesunless you try to restore peace within one’s self. This book also teaches us that there is always light even in the darkness of times.



Why Read It?

Self-love and affection can be a blessing. The Ancients tells us of a similar bond; the story takes us through the twists and turns that the main character, Kari has to go through to find the darkness that has taken over her family and disrupted their peace. It teaches us that self-love and friendship are the most important things in order to make it through an ever-changing world. Being neglected and abused never deterred Kari from finding the cure for her family’s predicament. The little girl grows up to be the strongest version of herself and fights whatever challenges life has thrown her way. Her struggles to rid the world of evil entities exemplify true how no matter what trauma a person goes through that by believing in themselves they can face those challenges head-on.



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